We are looking for highly motivated, organized, energetic, and efficient independent thinkers with strong communication skills and an eye for detail to assist Community Seeds Eco Magazine’s creative and/or marketing and sales team. Interns will work with a grassroots sustainability magazine that promotes making small changes that cumulatively make a profound impact on the environment and the future of the earth. Our magazine feels that sustainability includes care for the environment, local communities and world communities. We report on environmental, community and social issues within specified themes. Our message includes: “Thinking Globally, Living Locally” and “Small Changes Make a World of Difference.”

Interns will learn about what goes into an advertising proposal, media kit, and other key components behind the marketing force of a small magazine. Interns in the creative field will have the opportunity to learn to design basic magazine layouts, edit copy, write articles, plan future issue themes, research topics, collect articles from the community, and conduct interviews for articles. There are also opportunities to gain experience in the event field, by assisting as needed with the many events the magazine sponsors and/or attends. Intern applicants must have prior computer knowledge that includes email and attachments, word processing, and internet awareness.

A three month commitment of 20 hours minimum per week is required; this can include few nights a week and some weekends if desired. Interns may be working from home, at events, in the field, at designated mobile offices, and the Community Seeds Eco Magazine home-based office. Hiring is on a rolling basis.

This is an unpaid position, but any advertisement sales or sponsorships accrued as a result of the interns’ efforts will yield a commission. This position offers opportunities to learn about, experience, and network in the magazine/publishing industry. If you’re a quick-learner, enjoy a fast-pace, like to pitch in whenever and wherever, can manage a variety of tasks, and be diligent about the details, please mail a resume or fill out our Intern Application.

Students are welcome.

Time Line

Application Deadline: On-going
Internship period: Minimum 3 months, maximum 2 years, with possibility for extension
Workload: Full time or part time
Our local area includes: Durham, Chico, Paradise and the surrounding areas. Our on-line magazine services extend to any area or region.


An internship with Community Seeds Eco Magazine provides an opportunity for gaining practical knowledge; hands-on experience; and research skills in environmental journalism, magazine management and advertising. The internship is suitable for professionals who wish to improve their qualifications or do research in the fields of journalism, mass media, environment and health communication, business, advertising, or other related fields. Universities and media and research organizations are invited to benefit from this internship.

On the editorial side, interns will work on such tasks as:

  • Collecting information and working with different sources;
  • Assisting with and writing news or feature stories, including conducting interviews;
  • Copy-editing and proof-reading
  • Assisting with editing and working with contributors.

Interns with an interest in production and advertising would assist the magazine team by:

  • Studying and assessing the market;
  • Conducting readership surveys;
  • Marketing the magazine to advertisers;
  • Planning and attracting ads; and/or
  • Producing and collecting graphic materials.

An individual work plan and/or research program will be designed for each accepted intern. A combination of research and practical tasks is also available.


  • Prior computer knowledge that includes email and attachments, word processing, and internet awareness.
  • Strong writing skills and communication skills
  • Believes in working toward a more sustainable society
  • General familiarity with electronic media and online content
  • Ability to write and work proficiently in English

Interest in, or knowledgeable of, one or more of the following fields:

the environment, journalism and mass communications, media management, marketing, advertising, publishing, environmental and health communication, or media law;

  • Ability to keep deadlines and handle tasks responsibly
  • Ability to meet deadlines and be organized
  • Ability to take initiative, develop new processes, and work as part of a team.

Internship Overview

  • Sales / Marketing

Marketing and promotions to boost our sales, circulation, and advertising revenue may include:

  • Instruction of database applications
  • Email marketing
  • Internet networking
  • Project proposal writing for obtaining articles with ads
  • Public Relations event participation
  • Working alongside Sales Staff
  • Working on advertisement strategy
  • Contacting potential advertisers / sponsors / grant organizations
  • Follow up of contacts
  • Making appointments with potential advertisers / sponsors / grant
  • Attending meetings with Community Seeds Eco Magazine Staff member(s) and potential advertisers / sponsors/grant organizations
  • Drawing up sales agreements / contracts
  • Securing contracts

***Any advertisement sales or sponsorships accrued as a result of interns’ efforts will yield a commission.  


Creating or maintaining related online resources, such as blogs and websites. This may include:

  • Posting articles to blog which includes copy editing and seeking
  • companion photos online
  • MySpace website maintenance and management
  • Twitter Management
  • Facebook Management
  • Blog Management
  • Website Management: All four of the CS owned website information should be kept current
  • Website maintenance as needed, log of activities projected and accomplished
  • Learning the Site Builder website program
  • Assisting in designing web aspects, such as communityseeds.com site map
  • Creating a proposal for restructuring and streamlining the current site
  • Enacting ideas for streamline and restructure of current site
  • Gathering information and link exchange from other green or community web sites
  • Regular maintenance of current site and office networking needs


Interns can participate in organizational activities, such as community events, and staff and board meetings. This may include:

  • Gathering information about upcoming events
  • Uploading events to the three website calendars
  • Compiling sustainability events listing for quarterly digital magazine
  • Preparing for events that CS sponsors or attends, booth set up/take down, customer relations, subscriber form collections and conduct raffle and follow up emails
  • Flier distribution
  • Connecting with public event coordinators to secure our place at relevant events
  • Representing Community Seeds Eco Magazine appropriately at conferences, meetings, and/or events

Editing and Publishing

This work includes planning content, working with authors and copy editor, and reviewing submissions. This may include:

  • Reviewing and copy editing all content before printing (usually 3-5 articles of 800 words or less)
  • Fact checking
  • Research

Writing / Journalism

Interns will focus on the editorial aspects of the magazine, and on reporting on environmental topics. This may include:

  • Making contacts for obtaining articles
  • Conducting interviews for upcoming articles
  • Researching latest sustainability or community outreach topics
  • Writing an article for an upcoming issue
  • Researching and preparing sidebars
  • Marketing and collecting photos for community photo pages
  • Taking photographs for articles

Graphics / Lay Out Assistant

Interns will work with the editors on design and production, and staying on top of trends in print and electronic media. This may include:

  • Learning Basic working knowledge of InDesign
  • Understanding Community Seeds Eco Magazine’s lay out
  • interpretation/style
  • Suggesting changes to current lay outs
  • Gathering articles and photos for layouts
  • Building a portfolio of artwork, graphic design, ad design, and photographs
  • Assisting on the digital magazine prior to producing own interpretation of the magazine design under the direction of Community Seeds Eco Magazine designer.
  • Observing preparation of finished templates, alongside Community Seeds Eco Magazine Editors
  • Preparing templates to print-ready .pdf.
  • Learning basic ad design

Office Administration

Interns will see first-hand how a small business may be started, the paper work required and the bookkeeping necessary to maintain a successful business. This work may include:

  • Data base entry
  • Running small errands
  • Secretarial work
  • Correspondence
  • Preparing invoices and statements
  • Learning a basic overview of Quickbooks
  • Billing and Bill Pay
  • Inventory
  • Preparing Microsoft Word or Works Documents
  • Obtaining copies, cover blow-ups, fliers, and posters
  • Filing and organizing workstations


The intern will receive in-depth knowledge of and practical experience with environmental journalism; magazine management, production, marketing and advertising; or will be able to conduct research in the field of environment and mass media.
The intern will receive guidance and supervision, and will have access to the resources of Community Seeds Eco Magazine.
The intern will be involved in the magazine’s production process, and the media oriented work and services of Community Seeds Eco Magazine.
The intern will be a part of the Community Seeds Eco Magazine team.


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