Great Natural And Safe Cleaning Solution Recipe For The Kitchen And Produce!

It turns out that a combination of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar is almost as effective as stronger cleansers like bleach when used in combination. It gets better: When exposed to light or heat, hydrogen peroxide undergoes a chemical change and converts to pure water (that’s why HP is sold in...
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Dr Earth Nitro Big Is An Amazing Organic Fertilizer!

Picture the ultimate in plant health—lush, green growth with thick plant cell walls. Dr. Earth® Nitro Big® with PreBiotic® and ProMoisture Hydrate® reaches that objective by feeding plants the perfect diet, a formula that accelerates robust and vigorous vegetative growth. This formula goes to work in the soil with incredible...
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Riley Farm Garden Is Producing!

The garden is growing beautifully! Squash, tomatoes and beans are going to be plentiful, thanks to the organic, bio dynamic fertilizer I purchased from Ag Mart, an amazing fertilizer company here in Chico California. Now I just need to build a teepee lattice for the green beans to climb....
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