Make Fun Ceiling Treatments

By Lorianne S. Riley
If you own a business with ugly old stained acoustic ceilings and have had a hard time figuring out how to replace them or jazz them up, now there is another fun option.

I have a small skin care studio with ugly ceilings. I thought of draping them. But that can get expensive depending on the material and is a pain to clean. A real dust collector! Then I thought why not paint them! The panels can be painted a solid color or can be adorn with a stencilled pattern. It really depends on the motif in the business and your artistic imagination.

Materials Needed:

Acrylic Paints – There is every color and finish under the sun available these days. Metallics, neons, pastels, primary, and even glittery colors. I wanted to do something kind of flashy. So, I picked a metallic silver as my all over base color, glittery pink for the trim around the outer panel, an opalescent green and a satin primary purple for the design.
Stencil Pattern & Tape – There are many patterns to choose from, but I decided to do mine free hand. If you do decide to use a pattern make sure you tape it down good with scotch tape so the pattern doesn’t move or tear the acoustic ceiling.
Foam Brushes – Foam brushes are a great inexpensive way to apply the paint. Use a large foam brush when painting the entire panel. Apply the paint with a flowing up and down stroke. Make sure to use painters tape on the metal reinforcement bars if you choose this option. For stenciling use a small round foam brush. Lightly press the paint into the stencil pattern taped to the Ceiling, Remove pattern and voilà!
Key Notes
-Have Fun
-Think Outside The Box
-Make It A One Of A Kind
-Be Creative